New Member Registration Form


In order to apply for HKCPSA membership, all applicants must:

  • Be qualified to lawfully possess firearms in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong;
  • Be a member of a shooting club in Hong Kong recognised by the HKCPSA;
  • Possess a valid Hong Kong Identity Card;
  • Have their primary residence in Hong Kong;
  • Pass the firearms competency test approved by the HKCPSA Council; and
  • Complete the prescribed application form, provide documentary proof of qualifications as above mentioned and other information the HKCPSA Council may deem fit, and pay the prescribed joining and/or other applicable fees.

To complete your membership application, please prepare in digital format:

  • A recent passport photo
  • A copy of your Hong Kong Identity Card
  • A copy of your Shooting Club Membership Card
  • A copy of your Hong Kong SAR Firearms License
  • A photo of your payment deposit slip or PayPal confirmation

For questions regarding membership requirements, please contact:

I understand the requirements. Proceed to the registration form.