Finding a Club

Finding a Club

To take part in HKCPSA-organised matches using real firearms and live ammunition, competitors should first join a local gun club. Firearms and ammunition must be stored at your gun club. There are a number of gun clubs in Hong Kong that allow members to use and own real firearms for IPSC competition.

  • China Gun Club
  • Hong Kong Correctional Services Department Sports Association Gun Club
  • Hong Kong Customs and Excise Shooting Club
  • Hong Kong Fire Services Shooting Club
  • Hong Kong Gun Club
  • Hong Kong Immigration Service Shooting Club
  • Hong Kong Police Shooting Club
  • RHKR Sport Shooting Association

(in alphabetical order)

Hong Kong is also home to a number of IPSC Action Air clubs specialising in IPSC Action Air competition.

Affiliation Website Email
Double Tap
Dragon Walker
Hong Kong Airsoft Shooting Association
Hong Kong Practical Shooting
Hong Kong Shooting Development Union
Shooters Association
Top Action Club